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Year 1985 Critical For Mrs. Gandhi

The Year 1985 is critical for Prime Minister, Shrimati Indira Gandhi, particulary the period 21st May to 27th Juen, which comes under the influence of number five. This is the period in which Pt. Nehru died, Sanjay Gandhi died and she Imposed the Emergency. Number five has been playing an important role in the Nehru family. in positive and negative direction. In 1985, Mrs. Gandhi will be passing through her 68th year : 6+8 = 14 ie. 1+4=5. Last number of the year 1985 1+9+8+5=23 i.e. 2+3=5 In 1985 Rajiv Gandhi will be passing through his 41st yea r : 4+1=5 Thus it is suggested that she should not take any steps to impose Rajiv on people in politics in1985, as that is likely to prove dangerous to her interests.

Also notice Pt. Nehru, Born on 14th Nov --1+4+=5; Sanjay Gandhi Born on 23rd December, 2+3=5, Sanjay Gandhi died on 23rd June 2+3=5; Chaudhary Charan Singh who put her behind bars on 23rd December, 2+3=5; Mr. Jagjivan Ram who deceived her at the last moment was born on 23rd April 2+3=5. In 1975, last number of the year is 5, while she was passing through her 58 year 5+8=13 i.e. 1+3=4, when she imposed the Emergency in the month of june which came under the Number five, and there were five parties which came under one flag and brought about her fall. She again became Prime Minister of India from January14, (1980) : 1+4=5. Number 5 is the dominant factor everywhere.

I Have drawn up a special graph on the life cycle of Smt. Indira Gandhi, In which events favouring her are in the positive field i.e. in the upward Swings of the Curve while disfavouring events are in the negative field i.e. in the downward swings. The calculations are based on the systems of Numbers which is purely mathematical Cal-culations. The year 1985 falls in the negative field ( downward swing) of her life cycle. This is critical for Smt. Gandhi and she must take every possible precaution, particulary during the period 21st. May to 27th June, as already discussed and described by me earlier in this article.


(HINT'S Numerologist)