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If Saddam not toppled by April 28, Situation may take adverse turn for the US and its allies

Pandit V.K. Sharma, renowned numero astro palmist had in the October 14, 2001 issue of Hint Weekly predicted that the Us will never be able to gain support from majority countries.

He had made his prediction during US military campaign against Taliban in Afghanistan. Here is what he had said about US and India’s chances of becoming a global player.

“India:World’s numerological horoscope shows the position of countries in the ‘Zodiac.’ USA stands at No.+5, and at the present moment in Gemini Rashi. India stands in No.+8, Rashi, Capricon. The period from 21st September to 21st October shows the ruling planet ‘Saturn’ is number 8.

So this is the period when relations between India and USA will be harmonious. But as soon as this period passes, the relations will have some negative vibrations. India may not feel satisfied with the US response on its primary concerns.

US is passing through 7.5 years in Saturn direction. According to Zodiac US position is No.5 in Gemini Rashi. It shows that Saturn is sitting next to this house in No.2, Taurus rashi, which is now at No.6. The Saturn disha has started on 6 Jan, 2000 at night. In the beginning USA may have been favoured by majority of countries, but in the later stage it may losse their favour when Saturn will start stepping up in Gemini. It will create a problem of great concern.

Following this publication, hundreds of letter we received from our readers. Now we again asked Pandit Sharma to make his prediction on the going war between US allies and Iraq.

Pandit says the war will have its serious implications on both the United States and its allies and Iraq. He made his prediction on the basis of date of birth of three key-men-the US president George W.Bush, Prime Minister of Britain Tonny Blair and Iraqi president Saddam Hussain.

The date of birth of George W.Bush is 06.07.1946. So he has a key number of 6 means ‘Venus’. While Tonny Blair was born on 06.05.1953, he also has a key number of 6 means ‘venus’. The date of birth of Saddam Husain is 28.04.1937. Thus his key number is 28-2+8=10-1+0=1. which means Saddam’s star is ‘sun’.

According to numerology number 6 and 1 (Venus and sun) have great enemity. They never see at each other and there will always be a strong opposition between them. At present Saddam Hussain is passing through the age of 66 years. (2003-1937=66), there being two six in his age. Since George Bush and Tonny Blair have a common key number of 6, Saddam Hussain has great degree of danger from Bush and Blair. Both Bush and Blair pose threat to the life of Saddam Hussain.

Hussain was born on April 28, which is coming closer. He will have all kind of difficulties during this period.


(HINT'S Numerologist)